7 Easy Car Repairs And Maintenance You Can Do Yourself To Save Money.

Car repair and maintenance are necessary and important if any car owner wants to enjoy riding their car every time. They are made up of over one hundred components of metal, electric and plastic materials intricately woven together to create the wonders we see on the roads. Each component plays a vital role in the car.

Car companies have a detailed manual on how each part functions. They also include how to repair and or replace a broken or malfunctioning part. You can find a good number of car companies in Norway on Norske-Anmeldelser.

Every car owner’s dream is to save as much money as they can on car repairs because repairing a vehicle isn’t that cheap. And some parts of a car are quite expensive too. Most repairs may be necessary because of bad roads, weather, accidents, and even ignorant car users. Most car owners apart from learning to drive do not know how to maintain their cars.


There are basic things car owners should learn to do themselves to save both time and money.

Here are 7 Easy Car Repairs And Maintenance You Can Do Yourself To Save Money

  1. Changing Tires

This is quite an easy task to carry out yourself. With the right tools, the spare tire, and the muscle work, you are ready. Reviews from customers revealed that tires from Byttdekk are durable.

  1. Oil Change

This is basically changing the engine oil of your car. All you need is the right engine oil specification for your car, a new oil filter, and a bowl to drain the old oil.

  1. Brake Pad Change

Learning to remove old brake pads and fixing new ones saves you some money. You are just going to put in some extra muscle work. Knowing what type of brake pads your vehicle uses is necessary.

  1. Scanning

Most car owners wonder why their dashboard suddenly goes aflame with different symbols and lights. It could be scary, but for a car owner who knows how to use a car scanning machine, it isn’t. Those lights are just showing that there are problems with certain components of the car. A scanning machine pinpoints the area of the problem and offers potential solutions.

  1. Suspension Change/ Shock Absorber Change

This requires some muscle work and time but saves money. The suspensions allow your vehicle to move smoothly while driving, especially when you enter potholes or while driving on rough roads. The type of shock absorber depends on the car manufacturer’s specification.

  1. General Fluid Change

Knowledge of all the fluids or lubricants used by your car, their functions, and their locations is important. Also know their expiration dates and replace them immediately. Examples of these lubricants include gear oil and steering fluid.

  1. Car Wash

This is the simplest of them all. Washing your car yourself saves you time and could reveal to you some problems or issues with your car. Things a car wash won’t tell you since basically, all they do is to wash your car.

These activities require you to know the requirements or specifications of your car. But in the long run, they save you some money and you learn more about your car.

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